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We have an entire real estate division dedicated in marketing your property to bring you qualified and prepared buyers for your real estate. Call today 404-876-1048 and we will put you in touch with our broker to answer all your real estate auction questions.

Seasons Real Estate Auction Services specialize in fast, courteous full service, and a proven plan to sell your Real Estate quickly and hassle free.




Our Process

  • First we market your home across our national and international marketing products and websites. We place your home in 13,000 full color brochures, signs with a phone number that a real person answers, we use Brandons which alerts every Real Estate Agent that your home is on the market, and we place local and some national ads to attract even more buyers.
  • Second, we pre-qualify the prospective buyers and require the to have bank financing in place prior to auction.
  • Third, the buyer must pre-inspect the property to have full knowledge of its condition prior to auction.
  • Fourth, the buyer brings us a non-refundable deposit the day of the auction.
  • Finally we conduct the auction on your site where the buyers can feel what it would be like to live in your home, not some rented meeting room miles away from the property.
  • The best is saved for last, the closing, which can take place as quick as a couple of days if you want, because the only thing left is the title search.   An extra added bonus is that we can sell your personal contents the same day of the Real Estate auction. In short , we market your property, you sell it as is with no repairs, we bring you only qualified buyers, no tire kickers or people who have to sell their home first, the whole process can be done in approximately 30 days and you get your money quickly.

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