Live auctions are exciting, and quite often dramatic environments. These qualities are intensified in a city like Atlanta, where historic and high-end items are frequently up for auction. Because the environment can get so intense, it is easy to make simple mistakes that can affect your overall experience and success; particularly if you’re a first-time attendee.

If you plan on attending an upcoming Atlanta live auction, there is no better time than now to educate yourself on some of the things that we recommend not to do.

  1. Don’t be late.

Making the effort ahead of time to prepare a schedule can benefit you in multiple ways. By setting up an itinerary and doing some preliminary research, you will put yourself in the best position to be a successful bidder. By forming a plan and arriving early, you will have access to preview the auction items and have the opportunity to formulate a plan of action.

  1. Don’t come without a budget.

In these fast-paced environments, it is easy to get carried away. That is why you should never show up to an auction without a budget. By not equipping yourself with a set budget, you can easily fall victim to overspending and getting locked in to a purchase price that you can’t necessarily afford. You might also overextend yourself financially and miss the opportunity to bid on other available items.

  1. Don’t dress out of your comfort zone.

It is not uncommon to feel the need to overdress in an attempt to exude confidence or intimidate other buyers. While some may be more comfortable dressing that way, it isn’t exactly necessary. Learn where the auction is located. Is it indoors or out? Different variables will affect the way you want to dress. You are most confident when you are comfortable. These events can get heated and drawn out. By dressing for comfort, you are playing to your strengths.

  1. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Auctions can quickly become emotional for bidders. It is important to maintain composure. Displaying extreme levels of excitement can give other buyers an advantage over you. Fighting emotional urges by playing it cool can keep you out of excessive bidding wars.

  1. Don’t bid without reading the fine print.

Always know what kind of auction fees may be added to the item, what forms of payment are accepted, and how and when you should pick up any items you were successful in purchasing.

By following these simple tips, we believe that you are setting yourself up to be a successful bidder. For more information on events, gallery items and more, please visit Four Seasons Auction Gallery or call us at (470) 589-1653. Happy bidding!


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