At some point or another, you have probably wondered how much your antique furniture is worth. Whether you own one piece or an entire house full, knowing its worth is not just essential for your peace of mind. Knowing the value of your antique furniture can come in handy for insurance purposes, when creating a will, when going through a divorce, when doing business, or when making a charitable donation. Before you find out how much your pieces are worth, make sure your furniture is ready for appraisal.

  1. Do some research on your own.

Before you have your antique furniture appraised by a professional, try to get an idea of how much it might be worth, how old it is, and where it’s from by doing your own research so you can compare notes. Start by looking online. If that doesn’t satisfy your search, take some photos of each piece and show them to antique dealers in your community to see what information they can offer.

  1. Tag or make a list for multiple pieces.

If you are having more than one piece of furniture appraised in your home or business, make sure you put together a list or tag each piece. Appraisers often work for an hourly fee, so this will save you time and money.

  1. Remove any packaging.

If your antique furniture has been in storage or recently shipped or moved, you may need to remove bubble wrap or pull it out of a box for the appraiser to see it. Only do this if you can do so without damaging the furniture.

  1. Make it accessible.

Again, if the furniture is in storage, you may need to clear a path so that the appraiser can get to it. If you can do so safely, whether it is in storage or in your home or business, pull it away from the wall so that the appraiser can walk all the way around it. If it has drawers or cabinets, be sure to empty them.

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