Antique and estate jewelry can pose a dilemma for owners- what to do with these invaluable pieces? The truth is the besides serving the niche fashion sense of some people, most antique and estate jewelry goes unworn and unused for long periods of time. Some of it can be worn or repurposed, but generally these valuable items don’t mesh with modern styles, are too precious and valuable for everyday wear, or just don’t fit with one’s usual jewelry collection. However, people tend to hold onto antique and estate jewelry, even when they have no use for it because it is often extremely valuable. Unfortunately, that means that a lot of it sits unappreciated in storage. For people who own antique and estate jewelry that they will never wear, the dilemma of what to do with these pieces can be solved through consignment.

Top 3 Reasons to Consign Antique and Estate Jewelry

Some people may hesitate to consign their antique or estate jewelry because they are unsure of how the process works or don’t know about the benefits of this option. This is understandable- these pieces can be extremely valuable, and potential sellers need and deserve to know that they will be treated as such. Fortunately, consignment is one of the best options getting the most out of antique and estate jewelry that’s no longer being worn. Some of the great reasons for consigning such pieces include:

1. It Honors the History of the Jewelry

Antique and estate jewelry carry a rich history. It harkens to historic fashion trends, serves as an example of supreme craftsmanship, and functions as a piece of art from times past as well as a part of family history. Although people who don’t collect such pieces can certainly appreciate their worth, it can feel uncomfortable to stash these pieces in storage simply because they are not being worn. Consigning with a reputable auction house offers a chance for antique and estate jewelry to be appreciated and displayed by high-profile collectors who curate valuable pieces of history. Rather than holding onto something that will never be used but is nonetheless extremely valuable, consignment offers a chance to have vintage and estate jewelry entered into private collections without forcing the seller to relinquish profit from the sale.

2. It Can be Extraordinarily Profitable for Sellers

Selling estate and antique jewelry privately or through a company that doesn’t deal in vintage items can result in missing out on the true value of the pieces. Consignment through auction houses can be extremely profitable for several reasons. Auction house owners typically employ professional photographers, marketers, and appraisers who can assess and then market the true value of different pieces. They also have access to a network of international buyers who specialize in the purchase of niche items, such as antique and estate jewelry. By marketing to these networks of certified, reliable buyers with a specific interest in antique jewelry, auction houses are usually able to get the highest possible price for these pieces through consignment.

3. It Protects Against Hasty, Subpar Sales and Losses

Consignment at Four Seasons Auction Gallery involves appraisal. This helps to determine the value of antique and estate jewelry and can also be used for insurance purposes. This choice can protect valuable pieces in the case of loss, damage, or theft- a way to truly guard an item of value. Additionally, consignment is a deliberate process that involves cataloging and marketing to very specific buyer pools. This ensures that pieces end up being sold on the best platforms to ensure high profits and that they are offered through a variety of channels to appeal to a wider range of collectors. Rather than being sold quickly through a private transaction in which a buyer may pay less than what an item is worth, consignment is a careful process that ensures the best outcome for the seller.

Consigning Antique and Estate Jewelry at Four Seasons Auction Gallery

Four Seasons Auction Gallery offers consignment of antique and estate jewelry as well as certified appraisal services. The owner has worked in the antique industry for over twenty years, and his experience has afforded him a vast network of connections with buyers and collectors. The consignment of jewelry at Four Seasons ensures that your pieces will be handled with care and treasured by collectors, and will deliver you a profit that is befitting the unique quality of your items. For more information on consignment or antique jewelry, call Four Seasons Auction Gallery today at 470-589-1653.

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